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Focus & Balance

Programme for businesses

Most groups and corporations subscribe for performance and life coaching seminars in hopes that it will improve top line results.

While some distractors will argue training and seminars thrive on hopes and morale without substance; the question is – are you ready to take that risk?


Cheryl Heusser teaches techniques on how to get your mind off work in the evenings, relax, source energy and motivation against procrastination, find inner peace and balance and be focused

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  • A Happier and More Relaxed Management

Studies have shown a less tensive management will have a positive effect on other employees too. Take our business programme and lift bad mood and tension from your team and working environment

  • Drive and Motivation

Do not let low morale in the work place affect your company’s bottom line. Stay motivated and hyped for work and life as you take our business programme.

  • Stronger Focus and Increased Efficiency

Most large corporations thrive on consistency and focus. A drift in focus can cause irreparable damage to a company’s offerings. Subscribe for our business programme and experience happier environment leading to less sick leave.

  • In your company
  • Two half days or one full day
  • Immediate results
  • Sustainable employees

By having Cheryl Heusser train your teams, you will find an increase in employee performance which will yield a better return on investment.

Join our programme today and see a transformational change in your managers, leaders and like never before.

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1 day-Seminars

The 1 day seminars are best for managers and leaders and smaller companies.

Starting with some background information Cheryl Heusser provides you with the efficient techniques very quickly.

Learning all these easy to learn and easy to apply techniques you have a benefit towards your competitors.

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  • Knowing how to keep your calm in stress-based moments.
  • Dealing with overwhelming tasks and learning how to keep focused and stop procrastinating are only some examples of what you learn.
  • Achieve better sleep and know how to switch off your mind from work in the evenings and on weekends and enjoy your family or free time much better.
  • Learn the power of mindset and how to harness that power to your advantage.
  • Receive effective tips on how to regain lost energy and refill your juice.
  • Find out ways to improve your creativity.
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast to implement
  • Only one day
  • Immediate results
  • Keep going

The one day seminar includes one individual session.

Our GOAL in this seminar programme is to ensure you are energetic and productive in your place of work and in general.

Join our programme today and experience a transformational change in yourself.

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1-Week Programme

Are you looking for a short escape from the everyday stress?

Are you looking to reduce your stress level and unwind?


Preventing stress has long been a topic of discourse for health experts.

We understand you have to work to pay the bills or rise through the ranks and more. But a fatigued mind and body will do you no good at all.

Find inner balance and strength and don’t let the surrounding stress concern you.

Becoming stress-free doesn't happen overnight.

As you strive to declutter your life from elements that make you stressed out, it's important to consider that sometimes, all you need is a trip away with some activities and like-minded individuals.

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  • The 1-week programme is aimed at learning new techniques and strategies of becoming less tensive and implementing them.
  • You will also opt for two individual one-on-one personal sessions which will help confront inner discomfort, mental blocks or fears you are currently experiencing.
  • The one-week programme takes place in the Swiss Alps.
  • It is for people who want to be away from stress and learn the same techniques like in the seminar.
  • Fast results
  • Daily treatment
  • Nature activities
  • In a Hotel
  • Away from usual environment
  • In the Swiss Alps

Come with Cheryl Heusser and unwind for the fun of it. You aren’t losing hours, you are actually gaining hours because a refreshed and relaxed body and mind will perform better in the long run.

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Individual Sessions

We all want to grow in life. We want to develop our potential and become the best that we can be.

We help people who are frustrated and experiencing low moment to find their rhythm.

If you are experiencing doubt, stress, mental blocks or fears, our individual session will help you learn techniques to release stress and become the best version of yourself.

Living in mediocrity makes you only do enough to survive, never taking on a challenge, or attempting to improve yourself.

The good news is it's never too late to pick up yourself and hire an effective life coach like Cheryl Heusser. Cheryl teaches techniques on how to get your mind off work in the evenings, relax, fetch energy, gain motivation, not procrastinate, find inner peace and balance and be focused.

At some time, we will all experience several turning points in our life. We can choose to sit around and watch as the world goes by, or we can choose to untangle and soar like the birds.

Opt for one-on-one personal sessions which will help confront inner discomfort, mental blocks or fears you are currently experiencing and learn these life benefitting techniques.

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  • To learn how you can overcome all obstacles to gain what you want in life.
  • To get a stronger mindset of how to handle life’s curve balls
  • To get the feeling of ‘I will get it done’!
  • To find tools and resources to use in other areas of your life.
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast changes
  • Choose your appointment
  • Start right now
  • Release any inner discomfort

Even people who have achieved great success fall into slumps and find it hard to get motivated at certain times in their life. This is why this programme is so important.

If you’re in a slump or feel down right now, you know exactly what we mean and we can help you

Take a deep breath and try our individual session services.

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We have high quality methods that you will surely love!